reivindicación del arte hecho por mujeres como respuesta contra el silencio de la sociedad patriarcal.

arte bruja pretende ofrecer una oportunidad a todas esas mujeres artistas ahí fuera para reivindicar sus creaciones.



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Artist Spotlight: Hallie Bateman

for today's artist spotlight i spoke to Hallie Bateman & i'm so beyond excited to finally be able to share the resulting collaboration + interview with you all!

Hallie Bateman is a writer, cartoonist and illustrator based in Los Angeles. in 2017, her first book Brave New Work was published by MOMA. in 2018, the book she wrote with her mom, What To Do When I'm Gone, was published by Bloomsbury.

don't forget to go give a look on Instagram in order to be able to check out Hallie's amazing artwork - here's the interview!

·your artwork strikes the public – it is the humorous coming together of raw honesty & shameless emotions, all dressed up in your own original illustration style. how did you come to shape your artwork to the point that it stands out like yours so much? what have you found out about both art & yourself along the path of creative growth? do you feel like your own cartoons & illustrations convey a particular message?

my work is a complete extension of who I am, and I’m incredibly soothed by that. i use my work to cast my thoughts and feelings out outside of myself for further examination. the main thing in developing the content of my work is practicing radical honesty and moving past fear. this is to say: I often feel afraid in making art, and I make it anyway.

through art I have found everything. the moment I found that I identified as an artist, I felt sheltered and safe. i felt safe on the page, and I felt I belonged in the world as an artist.

each comic and illustration conveys a different message! that’s what it’s about. but humor, honesty and positivity run through most of my work.

·who are the artists & especially the illustrators who inspire you the most when it comes to creating your own artwork? which are your main sources of inspiration in general?

Lynda Barry, Lucy Knisely and Maira Kalman are all incredibly important to me.

existence. i adore being alive and I find making art about it makes my life feel deeper in every way.

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